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Nada Ulicevic - Secretary of the Ministry

Nada Ulićević was born on the 23rd January 1956 in Cetinje. She finished elementary and high school in Mostar, where she graduated from the Faculty of Law on the 5th July 1978. She finished the internship as a court intern, at District Court, also in Mostar. She passed the Bar Exam on the 26th September 1980 in front of the competent committee of the Republic Secretariat of Justice and Administration of the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo.

She started her professional career in 1981 in Titograd, at the Basic Court of Labor, working as the expert collaborator and secretary of the Court, until the 1st of November 1989. After that, she was appointed the judge of the Basic Court of Labor in Titograd. She was performing that function till the cessation of work of basic courts of labor, on the 1st September 1991.

Till the beginning of 2008 she performed duties in several ministries. She worked as the Secretary of the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Protection of the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development. In mentioned ministries she worked as the assistant of minister as well as the head of inspection sector and legal affairs sector.

She performs the duty of the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense since the 14th February 2008. She is also Arbitrator at the Agency for Amicable Settlement of Labor Disputes.

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