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U.S. Military provides helicopter assistance

U.S. Military provides helicopter assistance
Published date: 22.02.2012 15:03 | Author: mod

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A Black Hawk UH-60A+ medical evacuation aircraft and UH-60A Lift Helicopter arrived in Podgorica. In response to the Montenegrin Government’s request for assistance from NATO, the United States deployed these two U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters and a support crew of over 40 to Montenegro. Both will support the Montenegrin government’s efforts to deliver critical supplies and provide rescue services, including medical evacuation support, to those stranded in the areas most heavily hit by the recent snowfall. The helicopters and crew come from the 1-214th Aviation Battalion of the United States Army 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, the largest aviation brigade in the U.S. Army, headquartered in Katterbach, Germany. The versatile Black Hawk helicopters are a top choice for tactical missions and are known for being dependable and rugged. 

Support crews, including pilots, helicopter technicians, and a command team arrived in Montenegro on Sunday, February 19.