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Medal presented to Lieutenant Colonel Pesic

Medal presented to Lieutenant Colonel Pesic
Published date: 01.05.2012 15:17 | Author: mod

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Commandant of the U.S. Army War College, Major General Gregg Martin, presented Lieutenant Colonel Rajko Pesic with the Legion of Merit today. Decree on Lt. Col. Pesic award was issued by President Barack Obama for outstanding merits in establishing military – diplomatic relations between Montenegro and the United States. Award honors ceremony was attended by Ambassador of Montenegro Srdjan Darmanovic, Defense Attaché Lieutenant Colonel Velibor Bakrac and the representative of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Nathan Bain.

“You have contributed to the establishment of military – diplomatic relations, strategic bilateral cooperation and excellently presented Montenegro and the Armed Forces of Montenegro.

You gave a contribution to joint participation in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan that the American people are especially grateful to Montenegro. You will be remembered as a sincere friend and an excellent fellow colleague in Washington. This award is recognition of your work, “General Martin said.

Expressing his gratitude for being awarded, Lt. Col. Pesic pointed out that it was his honor to serve in the United States, especially for having very responsible task in establishing military – diplomatic relations between two countries.

“Award given to me represents the recognition of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, Ministry and Government that are recognized as reliable partners not only in the region but through the world as well,” LT. Col. Pesic said.

Medal the Legion of Merit was established in 1942 as one of the most important awards of merit and achievements in the U.S. Armed Forces service. It is awarded exceptionally to military personnel of the U.S. Armed Forces and foreign military and political representatives who have made a special contribution in their relations with the United States.