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NAC: Minister Bošković emphasised Montenegro's commitment to implementation of key tasks of Alliance

NAC: Minister Bošković emphasised Montenegro
Published date: 15.02.2017 19:50 | Author: mod

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Brussels, Belgium (15 February 2017) -- At a ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC), which was held today in Brussels, Minister of Defence Predrag Bošković reiterated Montenegro's commitment to the implementation of the key tasks of the Alliance in the contemporary security environment. He expressed satisfaction with the dynamics of the process of the Accession Protocol ratification and expressed the hope that Montenegro will soon become a member of the Alliance. Bošković said that Montenegro confirmed that its policy is the guarantor of stability in the region and stressed that it will continue to promote good neighborly relations and mutual trust in the Western Balkans, as a NATO member state.

The Ministers of Defence of NATO member states analysed the contemporary security circumstances and the manner in which the Alliance can respond adequately. The emphasis was put on monitoring the implementation of decisions from the Warsaw Summit, as well as the equal division of duties and responsibilities among the Allies. In this context, it was confirmed that as the trend of reduced investment in defence is stopped, so the positive growth in most member states is also notable.

The ministers exchanged their views on further activities in the field of combating terrorism and dealing with other threats that affect the security of the transatlantic community. They agreed that it is necessary to take further measures, in order to strengthen the capacity to respond to the hybrid challenges.

It was concluded that it is necessary to continue the activities in the field of design stability beyond the Alliance's borders, in order to prevent possible threats and challenges. In this regard, they confirmed the determination to continue to support partner countries in capacity building, through various forms of cooperation. The benefits of cooperation with other international organisations, especially the EU, are recognised as well.